azadam /.screenrc

# .( screenrc ). for _why :: * supports xterm/rxvt titles
#                            * default encoding is utf-8 (i use urxvt with this)
setenv LC_CTYPE en_US.UTF-8
defutf8 on

autodetach            on
crlf                  off
#deflogin              off
hardcopy_append       on

startup_message       off
vbell                 off

defscrollback         10000
silencewait           15

termcapinfo xterm*|Eterm|mlterm|rxvt 'hs:ts=\E]0;:fs=\007:ds=\E]0;screen\007'
defhstatus "$USER@H | # | t"
hardstatus off

activity "%c activity -> %n%f %t"
bell "%c bell -> %n%f %t^G"
vbell_msg " *beep* "
#caption always " %m%d %c |  %w"
caption always " %H %C%a   |   %w"

bind ~ activity       "%c activity -> %n%f %t"
bind * activity       "%c activity -> %n%f %t"

# for launching some of the stuff i use most
bind W screen -t 'w3m' 4 w3m
bind E screen -t 'mail' 0 mutt
bind V screen -t 'vim' 0 vim
bind Y stuff

shell                 zsh

# Make shift-PgUp and shift-PgDn work like they do in xterm.  (Note that this
# requires xterm to be configured to pass those keys through, and not try to
# act on them itself.)
bindkey "^[[5;2~" eval "copy" "stuff ^u"
bindkey -m "^[[5;2~" stuff ^u
bindkey -m "^[[6;2~" stuff ^d