chris71mach1 /.ratpoisonrc

RatPoision has got to be one of the best window managers out there for linux. If you are more of a minimalist with your workstations, or just like to make things yours, RatPoison is definitely for you. I have been working on this and tweaking this config file for a while now, and I am finally happy with it to the point of using it on multiple boxes. This file has become a collaborative effort between what I have gotten from other .ratpoisonrc files and what I have added and bound for myself. I have left lines from other people in here, in hopes that they may become useful to myself or somebody else down the road.
# This is Chris--'s .ratpoisonrc file
# $Id: sample.ratpoisonrc,v 1.6 2003/09/10 22:25:32 sabetts Exp $

# Set the prefix key to that of screen's default
escape less

#Set the contrl-t key to something easier
# this will change the behavior of ratpoison to use a single control key instead of the combination of the ctrl-t.
# The control key set by this string is the "right click start" key on the right side of Windows ready keyboards.
definekey top Menu readkey root
definekey root Menu link less
bind Menu other
bind less other

# Gets rid of that ugly crosshairs default cursor
# and set the background to black
#exec xsetbg -fit -onroot -fullscreen -brighten 80 /home/user/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/Backgrounds/linuxos.jpg 
exec Esetroot -scale /home/user/folder/folder/image.png -cursor_name left_ptr
exec xsetroot -cursor_name left_ptr

# Emulate screen by starting with a new xterm

# Bind e to our favorite editor, and make it transparent so we can see our background
bind e exec /usr/bin/Eterm -O -f '#e0e0e0' -F fixed --color12 '#0080ff' --exec screen

# bind s to interactively run a surfraw query on freshmeat
#bind s colon exec xterm -e freshmeat 

# bind b (`b' for browse) to open our favorite web browser
bind b exec firefox

# Use the name of the program rather than the title in the window list
defwinname name

#Make key bindings that allow for the fast switching to ratpoison windows numbered 10 and above.
bind N gnext
bind P gprev
bind parenright select 10
bind exclam select 11
bind at select 12
bind numbersign select 13
bind dollar select 14
bind percent select 15
bind asciicircum select 16
bind ampersand select 17
bind asterisk select 18
bind parenleft select 19

# bind M-! to store the current frame layout in slot #1
#bind M-exclam exec ratpoison -c "setenv fs1 `ratpoison -c 'fdump'`"

#bind M-1 to restore the frame layout in slot #1
#bind M-1 exec ratpoison -c "frestore `ratpoison -c 'getenv fs1'`"

# Do the same for slot #2 and bind it to M-@ and M-2, respectively.

# Give ourselves another slot on M-# and M-3, respectively.
#bind M-0 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 0
#bind M-1 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 1
#bind M-2 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 2
#bind M-3 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 3
#bind M-4 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 4
#bind M-5 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 5
#bind M-6 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 6
#bind M-7 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 7
#bind M-8 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 8
#bind M-9 exec /home/user/bin/fssave 9
#bind M-parenright exec /home/user/bin/fssave 10
#bind M-exclam exec /home/user/bin/fssave 11
#bind M-at exec /home/user/bin/fssave 12
#bind M-numbersign exec /home/user/bin/fssave 13
#bind M-dollar exec /home/user/bin/fssave 14
#bind M-percent exec /home/user/bin/fssave 15
#bind M-asciicircum exec /home/user/bin/fssave 16
#bind M-ampersand exec /home/user/bin/fssave 17
#bind M-asterisk exec /home/user/bin/fssave 18
#bind M-parenleft exec /home/user/bin/fssave 19

# Here's a hack from John Meacham:

#bind a exec ratpoison -d :0.0 -c "echo `date +'%r - %A %n    %D - %B'`  `cal | tail +2 | sed -e 's/^Su/\n\n Su/' -e 's/.*/ & /' -e \"s/\ $(date +%e)\ /\<$(date +%e)\>/\"`"
# make sure to have ccal installed on your box so you can use this calendar feature
bind d exec ratpoison -d :0.0 -c "echo `ccal`"
bind m exec /home/user/.ratmenu/
bind exclam colon exec

# it produces output like the following in the message window, very handy:
#         +-----------------------+
#         |05:05:24 PM - Tuesday  |
#         |   09/09/03 - September|
#         |                       |
#         |Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa   |
#         |    1  2  3  4  5  6   |
#         | 7  8< 9>10 11 12 13   |
#         |14 15 16 17 18 19 20   |
#         |21 22 23 24 25 26 27   |
#         |28 29 30               |
#         +-----------------------+
bind t exec thunderbird
# set bgcolor #080808
# set fgcolor #ff9000
exec keylaunch
exec xscreensaver -no-splash
bind x exec xscreensaver-command -lock
deffgcolor #FF9000
defbgcolor #000000
defbargravity center
warp on
# these last few lines are actually starting the apps that we use all day every day.
# these apps will start as soon as you start ratpoison.  
# note that the Eterm shell has a screen session coming up with it.  make sure your .screenrc is set up for this.
exec /usr/bin/Eterm -O -f '#e0e0e0' -F fixed --color12 '#0080ff' --exec screen
exec firefox
exec thunderbird